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Watch my first FlossTube right here!

Featured things

  • Introduction about me!
  • My own stitch people family “through the years”
  • WIPs:

Firefly sampler

Wedding re-stitch

Giveaway stitch people piece

Commissioned pattern

Upcoming embroidery

  • Future of my YouTube channel

What’s FlossTube?

FlossTube is…

So I’ve been meaning to blog about miscellaneous stuff so here goes.

I found out recently that I have ADHD.

I have been wanting to scream this at the top of my lungs off a rooftop for a while now but I guess I haven’t figured out the best platform…

I want to cross-stitch but I don’t know how!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to understand how to “read” that cross-stitch pattern you’ve purchased and/or downloaded.

This guide is ideal for anyone who has gotten any of my cross-stitch patterns, as I’m using my own as a guide to learning. However, like most things, other…

Watch my second FlossTube right here!

Featured things

  • Musings, questions and requests
  • Finishes:
  • Giveaway stitch people piece
  • WIPs:

Wedding re-stitch

Firefly sampler

I like news!

I wanted to share something a little off-topic today. I hope you don’t mind and that you’ll indulge me.

It was my birthday the other day and I wanted to celebrate with some news I got about 3 months ago that I haven’t openly shared here yet in hopes I…

What are those little blue dots?

Whenever I share a work-in-progress shot of whatever I’m stitching at the time, you may have noticed my fabric always has a bunch of little blue dots (I will be honest — sometimes I Photoshop these dots out of my social media pieces for close-up shots, as they can detract…

You’re at it again!

After the positive feedback I received from my first two stitch-a-longs, Simply Florals and Let’s Relax, I feel like I’m on a roll! I’m enjoying doing hand-embroidery, designing patterns for it as well as stitching them to demonstrate it. So why not continue the trend?

What is a “stitch-a-long”?

In case you don’t know…

Show your support and appreciation

After my Patreon page didn’t go as I had planned, I decided before I upset anyone to close my page and reassess what it was that I wanted to do that could work for my current situation, both family-life as well as Two Little Kits capabilities.

I already had a…

Kate Anderson

Aussie living in WA, USA. After having 2 kids, I’m finding my footing again in web design/development as well as turning my hobbies into potential income.

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